Banu'laleh "Blue" Rousanak-Pari

Desert guide and nature mage


Banu’laleh Rousanak-Pari is a slight woman of around 5’5" and slim but fit build with blue hair, caramel skin and deep brown eyes. She encourages outlanders to refer to her by the Common nickname of Blue, likely in reference to her vivid hair colouring, as she is sick of outlanders butchering her proper name.
Her constant companions are the camel Al she rides, and a hawk Zena who is commonly seen out scouting with her. The only weapons she carries are a quarterstaff strapped across her back, a sling holstered in her belt, and the magic that you often see her use. She seems to be proficient in some forms of nature magic, along with the more mystical and otherworldly kind.



Blue currently works as a guide for caravan parties making their way through the desert, a native to the city of Ä€khir An-Nahr, you can tell that she has been doing this for a long time. In fact, Blue and her parents were born and raised in the desert city, her father’s family having lived there for generations, while her mother’s parents made the harsh journey before her mother was even born.

The bright blue hair that the guide takes her nickname from is a symbol of her culture; her maternal grandparents came from a tribe that used colour to display the status and role of a person within a village, whether it be coloured accessories, clothes, skin painting, or hair, and Blue’s blueness represents her working with the magical arts.

Blue has always had magic in her life; as soon as she could walk her father taught her about the nature of the desert and its ever-shifting sands and dangers, he was a guide, and when she was old enough he began to take her out into the desert where she made use of her nature magic. Her proficiency with magic was soon noted amongst the mages within the city, and she was brought to study in the mage’s college, learning the arcane arts while still going out on desert expeditions.

Blue’s mother can commonly be seen training new guards within the city, unlike her daughter her hair is flaming red and she is commonly garbed in predominantly scarlet red, reminiscent of blood (Blue wears a lot of yellows and browns while in the desert to blend in when needed). She is a powerful warrior, and trains the guards to die less quickly.

Banu'laleh "Blue" Rousanak-Pari

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